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Mr. Rhythm’s Mother Goose’s Birthday Party Children’s Play, Music and Educational Activities

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This musical play introduces children to the whimsical world of Mother Goose. Teachers and children will love how these enduring stories and nursery rhymes bring characters such as Humpty Dumpty, Jack and Jill, Little Bo-Peep and others to life, and allow children to use their imaginations as they act out silly and delightful, sentimental songs.

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Included in your downloaded purchase are building blocks to stimulate interactive learning: *Character coloring pages * Science experiment ideas on things that sink or float * Instructions on planting seeds and watching them grow * What are Curds and Whey? Discussion sheet * Suggestions on how to costume the children for this theme * Questions for the teacher to lead a discussion then make-a-rhyme activity sheet for reading readiness. Character identification activity that can be done as a group or individually.

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