Special Needs Children

The Mr. Rhythm curriculum is artfully designed to provide joyful, rich, and successful experiences exploring music and movement for preschoolers with a variety of developmental profiles.  The authors have carefully and thoughtfully embedded user-friendly introduction of themes, sequencing of tasks, and multisensory activities to engage all children for successful participation.

Children with developmental differences may need adaptations to this developmentally appropriate, child-friendly curriculum.  Classroom teachers will be most successful developing and implementing these adaptations when collaborating with a child’s parents and therapists to design adaptations that meet a given child’s unique strengths and challenges.

It is often helpful to facilitate this process by carefully looking at a child’s unique profile of individual strengths and challenges rather than relying solely on a medical or educational diagnosis when thinking about supporting a child with special needs in your classroom.

We have provided general guidelines to support children who have cognitive, sensory, motor planning, visual, hearing acuity, auditory processing, verbal expression, social language, and problem solving challenges that may be helpful when collaborating with a child’s intervention team.

We have also provided a template for your use to identify specific areas of strength and challenge to guide which adaptations will be most appropriate for a given child.

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